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Sample i-601 waiver packet Form: What You Should Know

Application for a Provisional Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility Application for an Adjustment of Status to the United States From or to Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador for the purpose of Eligible Non-status Family Members (Form I-134). You may be eligible if your qualifying relative is a citizen of the country seeking the status; Notice of Petition to Remove a Relative from the United States Notice of Petition to Remove a Relative from the United States Declaration of Support and Petitioning for a Temporary Residence Card to be Issued to Family Member Statement from Applicant (Hardship and Temporary Status) with accompanying affidavits in support of their claim.  The application is ready Application for a Certificate of Eligibility for Naturalization You may also wish to have these documents certified, including the following: Application for Deferred Action Based on an Individual or Qualified Group Factor Under Sections 241(a)(1), 218(d), and 824(a)(2) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Notice of Intent to File Notice of Intent to Apply for Adjustment of Status for Certain GPRS (Form NB-131) Declaration of Support and Petitioning for a Temporary Residence Card to be Issued to Family Member Form NB-131 — Notice of intent to apply for adjustment of status, Notice of intention to file petition for adjustment of status, Notice, petition, or application for provisional waiver; as well as associated supporting information  Notice of Intent To File For Temporary Resident Visa (Form I-131, Notice of Intent to File Petition, Notice of intent to apply for temporary resident visa, or other relevant documentation) Notice-of-Purpose-To-Make-Application-For-Green-Card (Form I-485) for individuals who are not U.S. citizens or persons who were denied admission, deferred action for admission, or were otherwise accorded an exception, exemption, waiver or modification to the inadmissibility provisions of the INA but who have not sought or been refused entrance into the United States.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sample i-601 waiver packet

Instructions and Help about Sample i-601 waiver packet

Hello everyone I'm Amy Coates I'm an immigration attorney with fashion spirit and I'm here with our managing partner Molly fashion fashion and Sparrow is a full-service immigration law firm located in Raleigh North Carolina we represent clients in all 50 states and around the world today we're going to talk about i-601 waiver so as far as the first section of our presentation goes today we are going to be discussing why someone would need an i-601 waiver how its adjudicated and then we're going to talk about some of the examples that are lost on this thing when Sony is trying to get us lawful permanent resident status there is a longer list of reasons that can prevent someone from getting permanent resident status these are called grounds of inadmissibility may be that the person who wants to become a permanent resident it's inadmissible to the United States some of these there's nothing that can be done but others there is an application that you can file to try to waive that ground and disability that application is an I 601 applications I'm going to talk to you about the most common types of grounds of inadmissibility that we see here in our practice the first one is the 3 & 10 year unlawful preference bar so what this means is when someone comes in enters the country say as a visitor and then they overstay their immigration status for certain amount of time if they depart the United States and then re-enter the country they could trigger a three to two year bar the third and 10 year bar is is something where only I found this very difficult to explain to folks and my explanation in my definition is not going to cover every single circumstance...