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Instructions and Help about I-601a waiver

Today our topic is President Obama's expansion of i-601 waiver zuv unlawful presence my name is carl Schusterman i'm an ex INF trial attorney and I've been practicing immigration law for the last 38 years and hopefully I will be able to explain this in such a way that you will be able to take advantage of this program who's eligible for a 601 waiver well first of all it applies to you only if you're present in the US and if you're ineligible to adjust your status maybe you came in illegally to the US maybe you came in some temporary visa that doesn't allow you to adjust your status and you need to go abroad probably back to the embassy in your country to immigrate and you're going to be separated from family members who are US citizens or permanent residents and you can't come back for three or ten years because you're subject to bars because you have unlawful presence in the United States so it's very useful to go over a little bit of the history of the 601 a waiver in order to see what benefit it is for you before 2022 if you were going abroad to apply for an immigrant visa you had to file the i-601 abroad and you might be there for months or even over a year waiting for it to be approved being separated from your family President Obama started the i-601 a provisional waiver program in 2022 but he limited it to a remediate relatives only so that meant you could only apply if you were the parent spouse or child of a US citizen this'll left a lot of people out in the cold so in November 2022 the president proposed expanding the waiver program to include sons and daughters whatever their age or marital status of US citizens and spouses and sons and daughters of green card holders now not everybody who applies gets the waiver you must show that your qualifying citizen or green card holding relative with suffer extreme hardship if you were not allowed to return to the US for over three or ten years over the third of these waivers are denied so president Bob Obama has proposed that the definition of extreme hardship be clarified so people who are not eligible don't bother applying so when do the new rules become affected well not right at once you have to wait for the USCIS to issue guidelines you have to wait for regulations my best guess is sometime before the end of 2022 or sometime in 2022 we'll see regulations and you'll be able to apply now how can you stay updated while you're waiting for the regulations to come out you can join 60,000 people and subscribe to our free newsletter because we'll be covering the final rules in the newsletter you can go on the social media and join us on our Facebook Twitter and Google+ pages which.

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